An Opportunity for Personal Change

I’m going to suggest something that might seem strange given the current state of affairs. Lives have been upended. The economy is hurting. None of us really know what the future holds.

And yet, now might be an ideal time to build a new habit.

For those of us not working in healthcare, public safety, and other essential service roles, we are doing our part to stay-in-place and flatten the curve. People are working from home, schools are closed, and most non-essential operations are suspended.

We are finding our new – albeit temporary – normal.

And, when our routines are upended, it’s actually an ideal time to build a new habit.


Any time there is a major change or shift in our day-to-day life, it’s an opportunity for new habits.

Moving to a new home. Changing jobs. Having a child. And this also applies to temporary situations, like a healing an injury or having someone stay at your place for a while.

Essentially, the common factor is a disruption to the usual routine. Recognizing this shift means you can capitalize on it.

And, since we all have to find a new normal right now, you get some say into what that looks like for you.


You now have this opportunity to consider what matters most to you. To your health. To your well-being.

Yes, there are limitations right now. I’m not denying that. But, every day we are witnessing creative ways to adapt our lives within these limits.

You still have options and can create priorities.

And, while I’m all about showing yourself grace and compassion during uncertain times, I’m not a fan of the victim mentality. There’s a big difference.

Grace still makes room for autonomy and taking action. Victimhood removes a sense of autonomy and replaces it with “why bother?”

If you find yourself thinking, “what’s the point of creating priorities?”, you might be falling into a victim mentality.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, be kind to yourself and work to remove judgement. Slipped into a day-long Netflix marathon? Okay. You’re human, and you are definitely not alone.

But, don’t stop there. You can show yourself compassion and still aspire to be better. Don’t want to make endless streaming a habit? Okay. What do you want to prioritize instead? How will you build those priorities into your new normal?

Remember, just because you can’t do everything you want right now doesn’t mean you no longer have choices.