Empower your team
to stand out online

virtual meetings & presentations
shouldn’t fill us with dread

Just because a meeting is online doesn’t mean it can’t have impact.

It’s why I developed Stand Out Online, a live, virtual workshop designed to help your employees lead more professional and engaging meetings.

This training is for your team if any of these sound familiar:

  • connecting with your audience is crucial to your business
  • impressions matter and meetings can make or break a deal
  • your team wants to set itself apart from the competition

You may have talented employees, but is their expertise translating on camera?

A stronger, more engaging presence on virtual calls is not only possible, it’s also less complicated than you might think.

What’s Included?


Learn the fundamentals of virtual presenting and connecting through a camera.


Participants will apply concepts in small groups throughout the live training.


Real-time feedback in a supportive and private environment.

Cat has a level of polish and masterful articulation that makes her lessons resonate long after the session is over. Almost 2 years later I am still continuously referring to her content and sharing at every opportunity presented.


choose from two options


A 90-minute interactive workshop focusing on the fundamentals of leading professional & engaging virtual meetings and presentations. Topics include video, audio, and connecting through the camera.



A 2-hour interactive workshop split into two parts. Part one includes the fundamentals of leading professional & engaging virtual meetings. Part two focuses on public speaking, vocal techniques & removing filler words.


frequently asked questions

Before every workshop, I make it a point to understand your organization’s context and goals. This allows me to use appropriate examples and emphasize skills most relevant to your team. 

While the training is structured to cover key concepts and practice skills, there is some flexibility to focus on the areas that need the most attention.

This is an interactive training intended for employees who lead meetings and/or present at meetings. The workshop includes breakout rooms specifically intended to review video and audio, so it is expected participants have cameras and microphones turned on for breakout rooms. 

The 2-hour option includes some private speaking practice. 

If you have any concerns about participation, we can discuss options for individuals who may require accommodation.

Ideally, employees are joining the workshop from the computer they use for most virtual meetings. 

If a participant cannot join from their usual computer, they will still benefit from attending the workshop live. 

The public speaking training includes :

  • reviewing the 5 building blocks of voice (pitch, pace, tone, volume, melody)
  • how to adjust building blocks to capture attention and reinforce your message
  • speaking styles to avoid and techniques to minimize these
  • practical tips for removing filler words (um, ah, like)

Not specifically. The training is focused more on the fundamentals of presence on virtual calls, which are critical with or without slides. 
If your team uses slides regularly and would like to include tips on slide creation or presentation, I can incorporate this. 

Yes, non-profit organizations are eligible for a 20% discount on workshop pricing. 

Cat is an extremely engaging teacher. She knows the content cold but also has a gift of bringing it to life in a way that is understandable and memorable.


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