Imagining a Future Free from Limiting Beliefs

Think of your ideal future. One where you are not held back by fear. A future where you show up the way you want with nothing getting in your way. No barriers. No roadblocks.

Just you. Taking action consistently.

Got a visual yet? If not, close your eyes for a moment and really picture it.

How are you feeling when you imagine this future of yours? Pretty good, I bet.


Here’s the thing. Visualizing your future free from limiting beliefs can be an extremely useful tool for change. But, only if used properly.

You need to focus on action, thoughts and feelings

It’s easy to imagine a future filled with action. You can easily think of all the things you would “do” if fear wasn’t an issue. But what thoughts would you have about yourself? How would you feel about yourself?

Simply visualizing action won’t help you. Actions come from thoughts and feelings. It’s important to spend time picturing how you would think and feel if you were free from your limiting beliefs.

Which brings us to the next point.

You need to know your limiting beliefs

How can you imagine your future thoughts and feelings without understanding the underlying beliefs currently keeping you stuck?

Consider three people who all want to start meditating but haven’t started. The inaction is the same. They aren’t meditating. But, each one has a different limiting belief:

  • I can’t take myself seriously if I embrace this new-age stuff.
  • If I sit alone with my thoughts, I might go somewhere dark that I can’t handle.
  • I can’t add in meditation without taking time away from my family and other commitments.

Three different beliefs. One similar result.

You need to understand the purpose of the visualization.

Imagining a future free from your limiting beliefs is not an exercise in futility. It’s not intended to make you feel worse about your current reality. Or feel even further away from your goals.

It’s about taking the time to consider what it feels like when you have some distance from your limiting belief. When it doesn’t have the same power over you.

It’s actually an exercise of possibility.


To start imagining how you would act, think and feel without your limiting beliefs, try this:

  • Ask yourself what fears pop up when you imagine taking action.
  • Now question why you believe this fear is likely to happen – this is a limiting belief
  • Write down the ways you are currently acting, thinking and feeling when you hold this belief
  • Write down the ways you would act, think and feel if you didn’t have this belief
  • Consider the path between your current state and your future state and how challenging your limiting belief can bring you closer to the future state

Visualization is not done in isolation. Gaining freedom from limiting beliefs involves intentionally challenging these beliefs.

But, when you add visualization to the process of challenging beliefs, you start to pave the path of change. As your beliefs loosen their grip on you, you’ll start to recognize these new actions, thoughts and feelings.

You’ll be stepping into the future you envisioned.