create unforgettable zoom calls

Ready to stand out?

Virtual calls are not just convenient and accessible, they are also here to stay.
But keeping people’s attention is an ongoing challenge.
With a few small changes, you can create an engaging & memorable experience for your audience.

access virtual camera for beginners

Follow step-by-step instructions showing you how to get started adding graphics to your Zoom calls

Workshop Recording

Get instant access to the workshop recording, including graphics, set-up instructions, activity instructions, and resources.


Watch step-by-step demonstrations designed for beginners just getting started with using a virtual camera.


Practice with the virtual camera using the provided graphics and activity instructions.


Registration includes an essentials graphics pack so you are ready to start setting up your virtual camera.

Wait, what is a virtual camera anyway?

  • Virtual = not a physical camera; it’s software
  • Camera = appears as a camera source for video calls

The software allows you to combine your camera with graphic overlays.
Then in the call, select your virtual camera instead of your usual camera.

Trust me, you’ve got this


Get the workshop recording and instant access to everything you need.


Download the free Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) before the workshop.


Download the essentials graphics pack included with the workshop.


Watch the workshop as if you are attending live and follow along.

The essentials graphics pack

Get instant access to 18 graphics when you register.
You’ll get 6 overlays in 3 colours.

  • Border
  • Lower Third (1 static, 1 animated)
  • Sidebar (1 static, 1 animated)
  • Background

Why use a virtual camera?

  • Keep your video in focus as the speaker
  • Graphics draw the eye, keeping your audience’s attention longer
  • Support key points and keep others on track


Add your logo, name, session title, key points, images/gifs, countdown, etc.

choose your preferred option

If you want more graphic options, I’ve got you covered.

Graphics plus

Includes 19 graphics x 5 colours (95 total)
15 static overlays & 4 animated overlays for each colour

Frequently asked questions

The recording is 1hr38.

A resources section is also included with links to additional tutorials.

I demonstrate showing Zoom comments on the screen but don’t go through it step-by-step due to time constraints.

Instructions are included for how to set-up the browser extension that enables this option and access to a tutorial with detailed instructions.

The software being used, OBS, can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Older computers may have lower performance and struggle to run Zoom and OBS at the same time.

If you have an older computer, you are still welcome to watch and learn how to use a virtual camera but may be limited with how much you can do with your computer.

In order to keep the workshop focused, the training covered how to use OBS since it’s free and works on most computers.

Once you understand the principles of a virtual camera (setting up scenes), it’s easy to apply this knowledge to other applications.